Welcome friends!

My name is Emely, I am a mom of 2 girls, wife, I have a full time job, I am a content creator and I am a blogger. I am originally from Venezuela but moved to the USA in 2015. Currently I live in Utah.

I always wanted to be in the social media world, but while growing up the Internet was something new, It did not look like a source of income or business by any means for my family, I gave up until I was around 29 years old that I found out about Instagram, which is my favorite social, would you agree? 😊 So there is no better time than now to just go for what you want and keep going.

I started less than a year ago to blog my ideas. I was super focused on women’s mindset and fitness only but I realized that I was feeling burnt out, out of ideas and just blank. Even though you could still probably find on my website a meal guide here and there or a whole fitness program 😉 I believe that taking care of our health is like brushing our teeth, so you could probably start on one of my plans to live healthier in a simple way.

My page focus is on DIYs on a budget to stand out, Lunchbox menus easy to prepare, family fun and travels and gratitude. I also will share some healthy meals that I prepare for myself and my husband. You will also get a lot of freebies from my website, from Planners  to stickers. I mean you will love everything here. 

I am glad you are here, we are just a DM away… say Hi :)